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Credited Co-curriculum


Co-curriculum and Student Development Centre began implementing Co-curriculum Credited Course and obligatory for all new students from First Semester Admission Session 2007-2008. Co-curriculum Credited Course have been compiled with Soft Skills assimilated and approved by the UPM Senate, aims to develop and produce students competent, patriotic, responsible and competitive.

Co-curriculum Credited Course offered at UPM now includes eight (8) main cores:
Community Service
Initiatives and Innovations
Public Speaking

Course Objective

Encourage students to communicate effectively in Bahasa Melayu and English in a variety of contexts and forms of communication.
Encourage students to think critically, be creative, innovative, analytical and able to apply their understandings and knowledge.
Encourage students to collaborate with others from different backgrounds, socio-cultural to achieve the same goal.
Encourage students to be independent in the acquisition of new skills and knowledge.
Encourage students to enhance their ability to explore opportunities and develop risk awareness, creativity and innovation in business and employment-related activities.
Encourage students to adopt a high moral standard in professional practice and social interaction.
Encourage students to practice leadership skills in a variety of activities.

Credit Hour

This Co-curriculum Credited Course totaling 2 credits and grade earned will be included in the calculation of CGPA. Students are required to register for this course through the Student Information System (SMP) with YW status and only allowed to register one credit for each semester.

Course Execution

Execution time is on Saturdays for 3 hours in 14 weeks (42 hours). Saturday has been gazette as a Credited Co-curriculum days by the UPM Senate in the minutes of the meeting 504.04 (b) and noted that all the lecturers cannot hold a lecture / assessment test (except the final exam) on the day to ensure its effectiveness.

Implementation of the course is divided into three learning sessions as follows:
i) 8.30 am 11.30 am
ii) 12.00 noon 3.00 pm
iii) 3.30 pm 6.30 pm

Method of operation for the Co-curriculum Credited Course in UPM is a little different from other public and private institutions. UPM Co-curriculum Credited Course emphasizes the elements of Soft Skills through a co-curriculum activity. There are 7 Elements of Soft Skills that will be applied as follows:
Communication Skills
Critical Thinking
Teamwork Skills
Lifelong Learning
Entrepreneurial Skills
Professional Ethics and Values
Leadership Skills

Course Asessment

Each course assessed based on the following four areas:
Log Book 14%
Attendance 14%
Technical Skills 16%
Soft Skills 56%

a) Log Book (14%)
Logbook entry aims to foster students' appreciation of the knowledge acquired through informal, encouraging them to get additional information from various sources and improve the skills reflection (intrapersonal communication).

b) Attendance (14%)
University has declared Saturday as a credited co-curriculum days. All academic activities, faculty, and other college cannot be interrupt on that day. Students presence is recorded in two phase which are at week 1-7 (7%) and at weeks 8-14 (7%).

Students who do not attend and submit a letter / proof of reasons listed below may be deemed to be present with the DK record (with statement):
a medical certificate
attending outdoor activities represent UPM.
death of immediate family
c) Technical Skills (16%)
The evaluation of technical skills is determined by the facilitator based rubric that has been built. Technical skills are also recorded in two phases, week 1-7 (8%) and Weeks 8-12 (8%).

d) Soft Skills (56%)
Observation of students' soft skills element made continuously and recorded two times in weeks 8-12 (32%) and continuous assessment (to be completed during the program) (24%).

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